Flower & Plant Care

Flower Care Instructions

We offer a 7 day vase life guarantee with most of our floral bouquets, but a little bit of extra care can make an enormous difference for fresh flowers.

All our flowers are conditioned before they are arranged and delivered. This means they have received the ideal care for maximum longevity.

Signature by Robinsons has put together a few simple instructions, so you can get maximum life and pleasure from your flowers.

  • Ensure the vase (or foam) is filled with water containing the flower condition supplied with our bouquet. Flower condition will make flowers last longer, but it is important the instructions on the packet are followed.
  • If the liquid your vase becomes cloudy, the replace it entirely with water treated with flower conditioner. If possible, re-cut the stems by removing 2.5cm with sharp scissors. Place stems back into solution as quickly as possible after cutting.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight, heat and drafts. Your flowers will last longer under cool conditions.

Lilies Special Care

Please note: If there are lilies in your bouquet, their pollen can stain. If you do get a stain, use sellotape to take it off – don’t rub it! The pollen from lilies may harm cats if they eat it.

Plant Care Instructions

All of our plants are closely inspected to ensure that they arrive in the very best condition. When you receive them, check the soil for moisture and water as needed.

Most plants will have specified care instructions for the type of plant. However, we have put together a few simple steps as a guide for indoor plant care:

  • Keep your plant in medium light conditions at a constant and moderate temperature.
  • Most plants prefer natural light, but not direct sunlight. Foliage plants do well in location with lower light levels.
  • Water regularly to keep compost moist, but not soggy. Plants should either be watered directly into the top of the pot or by immersing the pot into water.
  • Pot plants require the right level of humidity: In centrally heated rooms the leaves may dry out so mist the plant with water spray regularly.
  • Be careful to avoid over watering - do not allow plants to stand in water
  • Place your plant where there is a mild circulation of fresh air but avoid a direct draft. Avoid excessive heat or cold.